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About Us

Our mission, goals, and programs

Our Mission

The Dandelion Project is a student-run organization at Dartmouth College. We focus on bridging the gap in education and social inequality to help students from low-resource and rural schools in China.

Our Organization

The organization was founded by two Dartmouth students in 2012, and has since sent numerous student volunteers to multiple schools in three provinces to teach English classes, organize activities, and provide social and academic support for students. As of 2017, The Dandelion Project is in the process of refocusing and expanding to a model that emphasizes sustainability and experiential learning.

Our Vision

We envision that all students, regardless of socioeconomic status or country of origin, should have access to high-quality education. More specifically, our organization is focused on bridging the gap in English education by providing resources to Chinese classrooms in impoverished districts.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining the team to help us make this vision a reality, please contact us at dandelion.project@dartmouth.edu.


Learn about our various project teams

Education Team

Maintains close communications with Tsinghua’s Office of Educational Poverty Alleviation, our partner organization.
Sends educational materials to a network of 30 rural schools and receives product and implementation feedback.

Video Team

Designs and films instructional English videos to advance children’s listening and pronunciation skills.
Created over 50 videos over the past two years, currently utilized by four classrooms in Beijing.


Tech Team

Develops flashcard applications, virtual games, and web apps to help students improve their vocabulary and grammar.
Utilizes coding and design skills to transform English learning into a fun and interactive process for children in China.

Culture and Crafts Team

Brainstorms creative craft ideas to supplement English learning in Chinese classrooms.
Creates instructions for each activity and sends supply kits to teachers.
Crafts are intended to help children improve their language fluency while inspiring an interest in English learning and American culture. Teachers in China have been adopting our craft activities as an innovative addendum to rote memorization.

Internal Operations Team

Maintains structural efficiency and leads weekly team meetings with all members.
Organizes guest speakers from the college who are experts in social entrepreneurship and experiential learning.

Our Team

Amy S. Yang '17

Economics & Psychology

Ke Zhao '17

Economics & Public Policy

Yichen Zhang '17

Biomedical Engineering

Helen Gu '18

Economics & Mathematics

Kaina Chen '18

Government & Chemistry

Stephen K. Liao '19

Computer Science

Edward C. Yao '19

Computer Science & Economics

Sharon L. Bian '19

Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science

Nathan Yu '19

Computer Science & Human Centered Design/Economics

Genna Liu '19

Economics & Government

Jennifer He '20

Economics & Chinese

Yifan He '20


Sean K. Hawkins '20

Biology & Chinese

Alejandro Cuan-Martinez '20

Computer Science & Chinese


With the generous support of the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program (DIPP)